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Scooter Underground started out as a bricks-and-mortar retail location (that's it in the photos on this page) and in 2012 switched to an online only entity when our lease expired and we could not find another suitable location.

After a few brainstorming sessions, we decided that the blueprint going forward was:

  • provide lots of useful and unbiased information
  • provide links to dealers we like for the products that are of interest to scooter enthusiasts
  • stay involved with the scooter community to promote scooters as a viable mode of transportation
  • perhaps create a great online marketplace for used scooters
  • consider a forum where scooter enthusiasts can find like-minded people (or provide a gateway to these foums)
  • try to provide some order to the choas that exists in the online scooter community
  • try to derive income to support the website from affiliate ads and sponsors
  • expand beyond Canada using the domain (future)

Starting in 2015, we set out to become the best source of information to the scooter community. What sites like did for camera and photo enthusiasts, scooterundergrond will do for scooter entusiasts.  Our aim is to provide great information and links to the best scooter shops and sources for scooter parts and accessories.

Even after closing the retail location, our website continued to get a crazy amount of interest which told us that we could serve the scooter community in other ways.


We are as obsessed with sustainable modes of urban transportation as ever!

We will be enhancing our blog and other social media presences to keep in touch. We will serve as a catalyst for the Canadia scooter community to provide the best resource for both scooter dealers and scooter riders.

As always, we welcome your feedback.





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