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[3 Jul 2021 | No Comment | 14,228 views]
Motorcycle and Scooter Helmet Safety Interesting diagram shows the impact areas on crash-involved motorcycle helmets. (Source: Dietmar Otte, Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Abteilung Verkehrsunfallforschung, Germany.) Note that 35% of all crashes showed major impact on the chin-bar area. This means that if you ride with an open-face helmet, you are accepting only 65% of the protection that could be available to your head. If people ride with a shorty or half helmet, they are accepting only 39% of the protection they could obtain. They are literally throwing away 61% of the protection they would have had had they chosen a full-face helmet.

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[30 Jan 2021 | 3 Comments | 272,737 views]
Tips for Riding in the Rain – Scooters & Motorcycles Riding your scooter or motorcycle in the rain is inevitable. Even if you are a fair weather rider, you WILL get caught in the rain. You had better be prepared! This Scooter Underground article deals with scooter and motorcycle riding tips that will help you to ride safely in the rain.

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[22 Jan 2021 | No Comment | 46,045 views]
Dress for Success – What Smart Riders Wear – Part 1 To ride your scooter or motorcycle safely, you have to dress for success. Unlike your car which provides you with some exterior protection, your motorcycle or scooter relies on your good judgment to wear the proper protective clothing. This is one of the great things about riding - that freedom, that wind in the face, being able to take in your surroundings. Be safe - dress for success.

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[14 Jan 2021 | 2 Comments | 193,927 views]
Traffic Lights – What does amber mean? Riders must know the rules of the road - probably better than most since the trust steed they are riding is less forgiving of mistakes. One commonly misunderstood traffic signal is the amber light. This article, written by a police officer, will clear up any confusion.

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[7 Jan 2021 | No Comment | 50,425 views]
Choosing the Proper Scooter Helmet – Quick Overview There are many different types of scooter and motorcycle helmets. This article gives a quick overview and some tips to help you choose the best helmet or helmets for your needs. On overview of the main helmet types is provided with the pros and cons of each.

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[15 Dec 2020 | No Comment | 9,210 views]
Winter Scooter Riding We wrote an article on putting away your scooter for the winter...but what if you ride through the winter? This post has some interesting insights: http://vespalx150.blogspot.com/2008/11/winter-riding.html

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[13 Dec 2020 | No Comment | 13,609 views]
Vancouver Island Safety Council – Rider Training for Motorcycle and Scooter Riders – Part 2 Scooter and Motorcycle Rider Training is essential. This post covers one rider's experience with the excellent Vancouver Island Safety Council Training.

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[13 Dec 2020 | 4 Comments | 40,137 views]
Vancouver Island Safety Council – Rider Training for Motorcycle and Scooter Riders – Part 1 Finally decided to get my act together and get some proper training as I move toward getting my full Class 6 Motorcycle licence. My interest is not so much in riding motorcycles as it is in riding larger scooters - and doing it safely. In British Columbia, you need a Class 6 motorcycle license to ride any scooter with an engine size above 50 cc's and I wanted the flexibility to ride the larger scooters that are capable of highway speeds. At Scooter ...