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[1 Mar 2021 | No Comment | 54,796 views]
KYMCO Announces 2014 Canadian Scooter Prices and Models     KYMCO has long been one of our favorite brands of scooters. Although they are not as well known in Canada as Honda, Yamaha, and Vespa, they make top quality scooters and are represented in Canada by a great distributor. We were wondering which models would be available in Canada for 2014 - this is what we found out: KYMCO Taiwan has recently announced a new strategy for the North American market that is intended to restructure and consolidate ...

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[15 Feb 2021 | No Comment | 47,494 views]
Ride Scooters Canada – Expanding in Victoria BC             Josh Ilott and his team at Ride Scooters are pleased to announce that we are moving our scooter machine shop to  Victoria. Expert tuner, Josh Ilott, is a well-known and respected name in the Canadian scooter industry for over 15 years. He and his team are trained and experienced in modern automatics to vintage classics and everything in between. Ride Scooters is the name behind countless show-winning restorations and currently holds the coveted title of ‘fastest scooter in Canada’ (0-100kmph in 5.88 seconds). Josh’s work is a staple in the private collections of serious Scooter enthusiasts. Ride Scooters will be open for business on March 1st, 2012. From ...

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[28 Jul 2021 | One Comment | 34,560 views]
Corazzo Ventata Scooter and Motorcycle Jacket Review Corazzo realized that their Corazzo 5.0 was fast becoming the iconic scooter riders jacket - smartly, they did not venture too far from its design when they created the Corazzo Ventata. We love the Corazzo 5.0 jacket. If you can afford only one jacket and you ride in a variety of conditions, that is the jacket to get. The Corazzo Ventata is a superb warm weather jacket and can be supplemented with a sweater or hoody underneath for mor warmth when required or a rain coat over top is you get caught out in the rain. Available in black or silver. Highly recommended.

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[3 Jul 2021 | No Comment | 23,406 views]
BC – We’re Just a Bunch of Gas Guzzling Idiots A recent study by the Seattle-based Sightline Institute shows that in 2009 British Columbia binged on fuel consumption. Per capita gas consumption rose by 10% - the highest year-over-year consumption increase in the last 30 years. Rationalize this in any way you want, it just shows that British Columbians, by and large, just don't seem to give a damn about the environment and conservation. The economy goes into a bit of a dive, gas prices get cheap, and we just give up on more fuel efficient means of transportation.

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[6 Jun 2021 | No Comment | 91,921 views]
Scooter Oil 201 – Helping to Choose the Proper Scooter Oil Remember, there are two main types of motors is scooters - 2 stroke and 4 stroke. There are very different oil requirements for these two types of engines. In addition, there are specialized formulations of oil within each major engine type. Taking a few minutes to learn about the proper oil for your scooter is a great way to ensure engine longevity.

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[8 Feb 2021 | 5 Comments | 26,675 views]
SYM Symba has arrived in Canada – Now shipping! Scooter Underground has been advised by SYM Canada that the much anticipated SYM Symba has arrived in Canada and is on its way to dealers. If you have been longing for a Honda Cub or Supercub of yesteryear, this is the bike for you.

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[2 Feb 2021 | 4 Comments | 23,495 views]
Yikebike in Canada? At Scooter Underground, we are always on the lookout for cool new urban transportation products and there is really nothing newer or cooler than the YikeBike www.yikebike.com

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[31 Jan 2021 | 3 Comments | 52,725 views]
Corazzo 5.0 Riding Jackets at Scooter Underground Safety Gear does not have to look goofy. The Corazzo line of scooter riding jackets are padded in the elbows, shoulders, and back. Most models are made with a super-strong Cordura nylon shells that have liberal amounts of 3M Scotch Lite reflective material. Safety and style can go hand in hand. By the way, these Corazzo jackets are made in Canada - what's made in Canada anymore? We will be posting many detailed reviews of safety gear, including these jackets in the months ahead.

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[27 Jan 2021 | No Comment | 23,403 views]
Sanyo eneloop in Canada – Update The Sanyo eneloop is one of the most highly anticipated electric bicycles since the eZee bike. They are coming to Canada this spring and Scooter Underground will provide all the details on how these bikes perform and who they are suited to.Stay tuned.

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[22 Jan 2021 | No Comment | 46,046 views]
Dress for Success – What Smart Riders Wear – Part 1 To ride your scooter or motorcycle safely, you have to dress for success. Unlike your car which provides you with some exterior protection, your motorcycle or scooter relies on your good judgment to wear the proper protective clothing. This is one of the great things about riding - that freedom, that wind in the face, being able to take in your surroundings. Be safe - dress for success.