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[1 Mar 2021 | No Comment | 54,796 views]
KYMCO Announces 2014 Canadian Scooter Prices and Models     KYMCO has long been one of our favorite brands of scooters. Although they are not as well known in Canada as Honda, Yamaha, and Vespa, they make top quality scooters and are represented in Canada by a great distributor. We were wondering which models would be available in Canada for 2014 - this is what we found out: KYMCO Taiwan has recently announced a new strategy for the North American market that is intended to restructure and consolidate ...

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[2 Feb 2021 | 4 Comments | 23,495 views]
Yikebike in Canada? At Scooter Underground, we are always on the lookout for cool new urban transportation products and there is really nothing newer or cooler than the YikeBike www.yikebike.com

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[27 Jan 2021 | No Comment | 23,403 views]
Sanyo eneloop in Canada – Update The Sanyo eneloop is one of the most highly anticipated electric bicycles since the eZee bike. They are coming to Canada this spring and Scooter Underground will provide all the details on how these bikes perform and who they are suited to.Stay tuned.

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[17 Dec 2020 | 2 Comments | 14,540 views]
Sanyo Eneloop Electric Bike Coming to Canada Sanyo has long had a lot of expertise in consumer electronics and battery technologies. With these in hand, they have introduced the innovative Eneloop electric bicycle which will be coming to Canada in the spring of 2010

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[8 Dec 2020 | 6 Comments | 19,290 views]
eZee Bike Electric Bicycles – Ride a Winner! eZee bike electric bicycles are one of those products  that stand out in a crowded market. When Scooter Underground was looking for a quality line of electric bicycles, the search was exhaustive. There are hundreds of brands of electric bikes, most of them from China, most of them junk. However, one name stood out during our research -- eZeebike. All around the world, wherever electric bikes were being put to the test or entered into competitions, eZeebike consistently ranked at at the ...