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[7 Jan 2021 | No Comment | 51,932 views]
Choosing the Proper Scooter Helmet – Quick Overview There are many different types of scooter and motorcycle helmets. This article gives a quick overview and some tips to help you choose the best helmet or helmets for your needs. On overview of the main helmet types is provided with the pros and cons of each.

Electric Bike Reviews, General »

[17 Dec 2020 | 2 Comments | 15,742 views]
Sanyo Eneloop Electric Bike Coming to Canada Sanyo has long had a lot of expertise in consumer electronics and battery technologies. With these in hand, they have introduced the innovative Eneloop electric bicycle which will be coming to Canada in the spring of 2010

General, Headline, Scooter Reviews »

[13 Dec 2020 | 6 Comments | 37,492 views]
KYMCO Scooters – Get ’em on your radar We've seen a lot of KYMCO scooters starting to pop up on streets all over North America. When it comes to gas-powered scooters, most people have only heard of Vespa, Honda, and Yamaha - so who is this KYMCO Company anyway? Links: www.kymco.ca (Canada) www.kymcousa.com (United States) www.kymco.com (International) "What'sa KYMCO?" you may ask. In Scooter Underground’s opinion, KYMCO (Kwang Yang Motor Company, Ltd) is ...

Electric Bike Reviews, Product Reviews »

[8 Dec 2020 | 6 Comments | 21,423 views]
eZee Bike Electric Bicycles – Ride a Winner! eZee bike electric bicycles are one of those products  that stand out in a crowded market. When Scooter Underground was looking for a quality line of electric bicycles, the search was exhaustive. There are hundreds of brands of electric bikes, most of them from China, most of them junk. However, one name stood out during our research -- eZeebike. All around the world, wherever electric bikes were being put to the test or entered into competitions, eZeebike consistently ranked at at the ...