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Scooter Books

Scooter Maintenance/Performance

Winterizing your Scooter

CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) Explained

Washing your scooter the environmentally friendly way

Scooter or Motorcycle Battery Maintenance Tips

Top 5 Performance Parts for 50cc Scooters (coming soon)

Scooter Engine Oil 101

Scooter Engine Oil 201 (blog post)

Changing the Oil in your 4 stroke scooter (coming soon)

Scooter Gear and Hub Oil (coming soon)


Buyer Tips

Top 10 Reasons to Ride a Scooter this Year

Top 10 Accessories for Scooters

Choosing the Proper Helmet

Gas Scooter vs. Electric Scooter vs. Power Assisted Bicycle

Electric Bicycle or Electric Scooter - How to Choose?


Rider Education

Vancouver Island Safety Council Motorcycle Training Course - Blog Post

Vancouver Island Safety Council Motorcycle/Scooter Training Course  Blog Post - Part 2

Bicycle Commuting Tips

Riding Tips for your Electric Bicycle (coming soon)

General Interest

Scooter Pollution vs. Car Pollution - The Big Picture

Bucking the Trend - A New Breed of Scooter Riders

Rant on Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes

PRESTO Policy Guide - Electric Bicycles (article summary - Word.doc)

PRESTO Policy Guide - Electric Bicycles (full article .pdf) (Essential reading for electric bikers)



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