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Bucking the Trend - A New Breed of Scooter Rider

I was just at the annual dealer meeting for SYM and Peugeot Scooters held in Quebec City. At the meeting, I met a gentleman named Buck – he was 71 (and looking very good for his age I might add.)

Buck was a scooter rider – at the age of 71, he is one of the “new breed” of scooter riders. You see, Buck was an avid motorcyclist for many years. He has ridden pretty much all over in North America – up and down, side to side. He has also ridden just about every type of motorcycle imaginable and is very active in his vintage motorcycle club. He has ridden Harleys, several BMW’s, and a lot of really neat sounding Honda Gold Wings. He is fortunate that his wife shares his passion and loves to ride along as his passenger.

So what is Buck doing at a scooter meeting? He was there to sing the praises of his SYM RV250 which he has been riding for the better part of the year. Buck told me that he rides a lot around town and he just feels this is the right tool for the job. He opted for the 250cc size since he carries a passenger a good bit of the time and likes the zip it gives him. Says it gives him a “Gold Wing like” ride for urban commuting and without the hassle of so many gear changes – none in fact. Buck knows a lot of people who are in the same boat in their riding "career" but they don't know, or haven't considered, the great number of quality scooters options out there.

Buck had never really heard of SYM. When he was researching scooters, he found them on the internet, read great things about them, and really liked the sounds of the technologies they employed. When he got his scooter, he just couldn't’t help dissecting it to a certain degree and he told me he was suitably impressed.

At Scooter Underground, one of the things that blew us away when we opened for business was the number of scooter buyers who were over 60 years of age – the new breed of riders. Scooters, with their ease of use, may extend your years of riding pleasure by many, many, years.

SYM RV 250 Scooter - Maxi Scooter - Victoria, BC, Canada


Come in and see us at Scooter Underground and let us show you these great new machines.


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