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Scooter Test Drives - What to wear etc.

Scooter Test Rides at Scooter Underground -


Absolutely we do test drives - in fact, we insist on them!

Here are a few of the basics:

  • You must bring a valid drivers licence appropriate to the type of unit you want to drive. In BC, that's a valid Driver's license for anything 50cc and a valid Class 6 Motorcycle Licence for anything over 50cc.
  • We do not conduct test drives in the rain. If it is raining, call the shop to reschedule your test drive. Do not come in on a rainy day expecting to go for a test ride.

The basic scooter safety items are:

  • Helmet (and eye protection)
  • Gloves
  • Jacket
  • Long Pants
  • Proper Footwear

Bring your helmet if you have one, or we will supply you with one of our loaner helmets.

Same with gloves bring a good pair, preferably leather and/or padded, like the Corazzo or Cortech gloves available in our shop. We do have some loaner gloves on hand (no pun intended).

Any jacket or hoodie with long sleeves will do. We strongly recommend armoured jackets such as the Corazzo or Tourmaster or Olympia ones we sell.

Visibility is important – we are going to put on one of those stylish neon bibs on you so don’t worry about the colours you wear.

For your legs, jeans are best for safety. On your feet, a sturdy boot or shoe is safest. Runners are ok on scooters since your feet rest is on a platform and there are no gears to change.



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