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Who is PGO Scooters?

PGO Scooters - Genuine Buddy PGO Metro at Scooter Underground,Victoria, BC, Canada
  • PGO Scooters at Scooter Underground -
  • Shown at left:
  • The PGO Metro is one of the best selling scooters in North America and enjoys a great reputation for quality and reliability

Motive Power Industry Co. Ltd. – PGO Scooters

PGO Scooters was founded in 1964, entering into technological cooperation with Italy’s Piaggio from 1972 to 1982. In October, 1996, they expanded in scope as part of Motive Power Industry Co., Ltd.

Like many Taiwanese scooter companies, they started manufacturing parts for other larger companies before deciding to strike out on their own with internal research and development and unique products

PGO is one of the leaders in Taiwan’s very vibrant scooter industry. They take great pride in their engineering expertise and ongoing improvement in quality control. PGO has achieved ISO-9001 quality certification, assuring customers top-notch service in all aspects.

Although they make many scooter models, their real “home run” in the Genuine Buddy series in the United States which is sold as the PGO Metro in Canada. This scooter is available in a 50cc 2 stroke model and a 125cc 4 stroke. PGO is also working on an electric version of this model set to debut in 2009.



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