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Who is SYM Scooters?

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  • The Iconic SYM Mio Scooter. Looks a lot like the Honda Jazz but has the famous SYM "Engine of Life" Ceramic coated cylinder engine providing unparalleled performance


SYM stands for Sanyang Motors of Taiwan. SYM is a household name in the Taiwanese scooter market and they have honed their skills in production during their many years of close cooperation with Honda. Honda's obsession with quality control has definitely transferred over to SYM. (Remember, when we are talking about scooters, the Taiwanese stuff is "top-shelf" and must not be confused with Chinese products.)

Our initial impressions of the SYM products was phenomenal - in fact, they seemed to "out-Honda" Honda. The SYM Mio for example looks a lot like the Honda Jazz (Metro) but it outperforms the Jazz in almost every respect. More features, better brakes, better top-end speed, and capability to carry two people.

In short, SYM has made a decision to be a major player in the quality scooter market rather than a producer of lower cost products.

SYM celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2004 – they have only been sending products to the North American market since 2006. SYM is ready to tackle a global market with its exciting products and technologies.

They have had a very strong sense of being on the leading edge of R & D and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

One of their great innovations, particularly as it applies to scooter technology is the ceramic coated cylinder “Engine of Life” technology.

The Ceramic Coated Cylinder is a high-tech product, which applies a special compound-electroplating process, by dispersing SiC ceramic particles evenly to the cylinder wall. SYM is the first company to mass produce motorcycle and scooter engines using the SiC ceramic coating technique. The engineered Ceramic SiC material overcomes the typical problems with brittleness as known from of other ceramic materials. It has excellent wear resistance (high hardness) and is also very heat resistant, making it an ideal match for the typical requirements of engine cylinders.


Sanyang started in 1954 as a company that made generator lights for bicycles. In 1962, they formed a joint venture with Honda Motor Japan to manufacture 50cc, 150cc and 160cc motorcycles and became the first motorcycle manufacturing company in Taiwan with 30% localized production.

1967  Entered a Technical Collaboration Agreement with Honda Motor Japan to produce automobiles and they have worked closely with Honda on many projects ever since.

1994 Motorcycle production broke through 5 million units.

1995 Awarded the outstanding industrial automation manufacturer; motorcycles passed ISO 9001, and automobiles passed ISO 9002.

1998 Achieved ISO 14001 environmental management system international certification.

2003 Motorcycles and scooters under 125cc are all fitted with ceramic coating cylinders that offer a lifetime warranty.

2006 Export of SYM motor scooters to the USA.

SYM Scooters Environmental Practices - -

Corporate Environmental Protection

Sanyang  is devoted to producing high-quality motorcycle and automotive products for worldwide distribution. The company’s corporate culture and principles drive them to provide the best products for consumers around the world while respecting the Earth and protecting the environment. Moreover, we will constantly move toward the goals of “Green Factory” and “Green Corporation”.

As a multi-national company as well as a global citizen, our environmental declaration “Pollution Prevention, Energy Saving, Resource Recycling and Environmental Greening” is our commitment to advancing environmental protection. Since 1998, we have implemented the Environmental Management System ISO-14001 to document, organizing and systematizing environmental management. Moreover, we adopt P-D-C-A cycles to enhance continuously the performance of our environmental management.

With regard to pollution prevention, we comply with environmental protection standards and industrial safety law and regulations. In an effort to improve works of pollution prevention, we are equipped with various waste disposal facilities to process and dispose of sewage, air pollution, VOCS, etc. In order to fully carry out the reduction in waste recycling, we have set up resource recycling zones.

It is inevitable to result in pollution during the manufacturing or the use of automobile and motorcycle products. In order to better control this resultant pollution, we endeavor to minimize pollution during the manufacturing process while developing at the same time so-called “green products” which are more fuel-efficient, lightweight, recyclable and fully labeled. Besides, in 2002 we spent 500 million dollars in establishing Sanyang R&D Center, and of which, more than 200 million dollars was invested in designs and testing facilities in relation to environmental protection.

As for environmental greening and beautification, the newly established R&D Technology Center was designed and built to feature a low building coverage ratio and low floor area ration. Lots of green vegetation thereby makes it a vitally green environment. This effort has been extended to HsinChu Plant with the completion of a diverse ecological garden which is planned after the natural ecological recovery method and mainly emphasizes on biological symbiosis and secondly on greening and beautification.



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