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Who is TGB?

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  • We view the TGB Delivery scooter as a watershed product that is going to transform the way many businesses thing about meeting their delivery needs. Whether you are a pizza shop, pharmacy, vitamin store, take-out food,... this scooter scan save you time, money, and act as a 2 wheeled billboard to promote your progressive organization!

TGB is short for Taiwan Golden Bee Co., Ltd. which is a corporation established in 1978.

As of 2008, they had 2 main plants employing approximately 450 people. Although they are a small company in comparison to KYMCO or SYM, they have a rich scooter history and they are turning out excellent quality products.

Some of their scooter pedigree is outlined below:

    Mr. C. F. Chang established Taiwan Vespa Co. Ltd. In the year of 1965 under the license of Italian Piaggio Co. for the Vespa Scooter production. After many years of producing parts for Vespa/Piaggio the company was ready to strike out on their own. Taiwan Golden Bee Co. Ltd. (TGB) was been set up in 1978 based on a long history in Piaggio technology for the Vespa Scooters parts production, such as shock absorbers, flywheel magneto, starter motors, and stamping parts.
    TGB is the first CVT manufacturer in Taiwan (Ping Tung Plant), and the main customers are: (a) Piaggio (Italy), (b) Rotax (Austria), (c) Peugeot (France), (d) Minarelli (Italy), (e) Morini (Italy), (f) Polaris (US), and SYM (Taiwan). We all know that the CVT transmission is at the heart of all automatic scooters and TGB are experts in this technology
    TGB produce the scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, and the engines (Youn An Plant) and export worldwide.
  4. ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified
    TGB has ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified operation since 1995.
    All products carries EC ( European ) and/or EPA / DOT approved.(US)



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