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What does it cost to get into scootering?

We are often asked about what it costs to get into scootering.

Of course, this range is all over the map but we can tell you the items to consider:

Scooter (duh)- price range of about $2,300 - $3,500 for a 50cc model purchased new

Helmet (or two depending on styles and desire to carry a passenger) - $100-$400

Protective goggles or eyewear (depending on helmet selection) - $30 - $150

Protective Gloves - $45 - $125

Protective Jacket such as Corazzo - $200 - 275

Good quality lock (disc brake type or chain type) - $30 - $60

Cargo Box ( GIVI or Kappa) or Messenger Bag (such as Chrome) - $75 - $250

Insurance - $300 - $500 per year

Annual Maintenance - $150 - $300 (depends on a lot of factors) . The more you take care of your baby, the less it costs you in the long run.

That's a basic list but it's wide open after that.

There are many other accessories such as alarms, specialized racks, coloured seats and handgrips, windshields, performance exhaust, big bore kits......

How do I justify these costs of scootering?

  • Large decrease in fuel costs if a car was your normal mode of transportation
  • Decreased parking costs - scooter parking is way cheaper than car parking in most places such as university lots, colleges, etc. and in many cases scooters park for free
  • Decreased insurance cost vs. the cost of insuring a car
  • Time savings - For urban commuting you can get almost anywhere more quickly on a scooter and you won't have to drive around the block 5 times looking for a parking spot
  • Fun factor
  • Sense of enviranmental responsibility


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