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Top 10 Reasons to Ride a Scooter this Year

Scooters In Florence Italy - Photo Courtesy of Scooter Underground

Scooters - Florence Italy - How efficient!

This year should be the year where you finally get on a scooter….

Here are 10 good reasons why:

  1. Scooters have low gas cost – Gas is expensive. All indications are for energy costs to rise. Fuel economy is great on a scooter – many people commute to and from work all week on $5 – $10 worth of gas.
  2. Scooter parking is a breeze – Parking a scooter is a piece of cake. Most municipalities are waking up to the fact that they have to be more friendly to scooter and bicycle parking to promote these  eco-friendly modes of transportation. Progressive places like Toronto and Portland have loads of free scooter parking – in 2010 other progressive municipalities (and landlords) are sure to follow suit.
  3. Scooters are probably a lot greener than what you are currently using – Scooters, at least the modern ones, particularly 4 stroke models, are very low in emissions. Also, the production and ultimate disposal of a scooter  occupies a fairly small carbon footprint compared to other motorized modes of transportation.
  4. Scooters are easy to ride – A lot of people don’t realize that modern scooters are automatic – that’s right – no gears to change. The brakes are hand brakes just like you would find on a bicycle. The throttle is in the right-hand grip – just Twist ‘n Go
  5. You can ride a scooter with a dress or skirt on – Now if you are a guy, this may not be a key selling feature, but if you are a guy who wants to carry a female passenger, it opens up more options. If you are a guy that likes to wear dresses and skirts, this is a killer reason to buy a scooter.
  6. You can ride a scooter without ruining your fancy shoes – A scooter rider does not need to operate a gear shift or brake pedal with their foot. When riding, your feet are flat on the floorboards and well shielded from puddles and the like.
  7. Scooters are inexpensive to buy and upkeep and insure – The cost of a scooter in 2010 will be very competitive. The world economic recession we are currently experiencing has kept prices very reasonable. Scooter annual maintenance and insurance costs are a fraction of car ownership. Even for people who own a car, buying a scooter and just using it on a part-time basis to reduce your car mileage will usually show a pretty quick payback.
  8. Scooters have built in secure storage – Scooters are the envy of most motorcycle commuters when it comes to plentiful secure storage. Most motorcycle commuters have to carry stuff in a backpack. The typical scooter has lockable storage under the seat big enough for a helmet or some groceries. Many have hooks for grocery backs and slots for cell phones. If the built-in storage is not enough, adding a topcase such as a Givi box will easily allow you to carry laptops and other essentials.
  9. Scooters may open up a whole new social scene – Scooters aren’t just for mods anymore. There are lots of fun scooter clubs who are arranging group rides, educational seminars, and other events. There are a surprising number of older riders. Many are just reliving their European roots and they appreciate how easy it is to feel young again on a scooter.
  10. Scooters are just plain fun – In addition to the economic and environmental benefits, scooters are just plain fun to ride.  You meet the nicest people on a scooter!


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