Scooter Underground

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions relating to initial purchase:

What does it cost to get into scootering?
Do you do test rides - if so, what do I need to bring?
How much does scooter insurance cost?
What sort of helmet do I need?
How can I finance my scooter?
Where are scooters made? Where do the good ones come from?

I have only heard of Honda, Yamaha, and Vespa - what are these other brands?

I have never heard of KYMCO - who are they?

Who is PGO Scooter Company?

Who is the SYM Scooter Company?

Who buys scooters and electric bikes?

Why would I want a 2 stroke vs. a 4 stroke scooter? (coming soon)

Do I need to insure my electric scooter or electric bike? (coming soon)

How do I choose between a Power Assisted Bicycle or Electric Scooter? (coming soon)

What's with the different Helmet Safety Designations?(coming soon)

Questions relating to scooter maintenance:

How do I prepare my scooter to be parked for the winter? (Scooter Winterization)

What is the best way to wash my scooter?

I'm confused about scooter oil - can you tell me the basics?

Which type of oil do I use in my 2 stroke scooter? (see Scooter Oil 101 article)

Which type of oil do I use in my 4 stroke scooter? (see Scooter Oil 101 article)

How do I perform an oil change on my scooter? (coming soon)

What annual maintenance does my Ebike or electric scooter need? (coming soon)

What annual maintenance does my gas scooter need? (coming soon)

How can I Make my 50cc scooter go faster? (coming soon)

Electric Bike and Electric Scooter Questions:

How do I decide between an electric bike and electric scooter?

What speed and range can I expect from my ebike or electric scooter? (coming soon)

How fast do electric bikes and scooters go - Can you make them go faster?

What types of batteries available in electric bikes and electric scooters?

What is the life expectancy of a battery in an ebike such as an eZee bike? (coming soon)

How do I optimize my battery range and life in my ebike? (coming soon)

Can I use an ebike kit to turn my current bike into an electric bike? (coming soon)

Do I need any sort of licence or insurance to ride an electric bike?




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