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Backpacks, Messenger Bags, and Laptop Bags - Specifically chosen with the Scooter Rider in Mind

Chrome Bags at Scooter Underground -


Axio Backpacks at Scooter Underground -






Chrome Bags (several styles to choose from) $120 - $160
Axio Aerodynamic Backpacks (several styles to choose from) $220

Every scooter rider needs a good backpack, messenger bag, or laptop bag. We really like the Chrome messenger bags and feel that they represent the ultimate in quality and waterproofness at a price point that`s still pretty reasonable.

Chrome Laptop bags and Laptop sleeves are also first rate. You can get a Chrome laptop sleeve and carry it in your Chrome messenger bag to get the padding you require. This is often one of the best combinations.

Last year we stumbled on Axio backpacks. In addition to offering great protection for both the rider and the gear you are carrying, these things are really great from an aerodynamic perspective. Any motorcyclist can tell you the destabilizing effects of a backpack at high speed but the Axio backpack`s great design virtually eliminates this problem.


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