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Cycle Alarm for Scooters and ebikes

Cycle Alarm

Master Lock - Disc Brake Lock

Master Lock - Disc Brake Lock

Master Lock Chain Lock - Scooter Underground

Master Lock - Chain Lock

Protecting your scooter or electric bicycle from theft is easily accomplished by using a quality lock and/or alarm system.

Heavy chain or cable locks are one of the best security measures since they allow you to secure your scooter to an immovable object. The downside is that the good ones are quite heavy.

Disc Brake locks are very compact and prevent your scooter from being ridden or even rolled. They attach in seconds to the disc brake rotor. They are often used in conjunction with a lanyard that attached to one of the grips to remind you that you have the lock on.

At Scooter Underground, we carry a wide variety of locks and alarms in every category and price range. There is no excuse to leave your scooter unprotected!


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