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Chances are if you see something cool in a magazine or on the internet, we either have it or can get it from one of our suppliers.

We carry scooter and bike helmets from many manufacturers.

We are really up on the latest in safety and style. We keep close tabs on DOT, SNELL, ECE, and other safety designations. There is a lot of information and misinformation regarding what constitutes the safest helmets. Proper fit is key and we have one of the best selections anywhere.

A word on helmets with fake safety decals.....

Beware of helmets with fake DOT safety decals - buy your helmet through a reputable dealer. We have been at trade shows where we have seen knock-off helmets and helmets with fraudulent safety decals .

A word on buying a used helmet...

Also - never buy a used helmet. It is very important that you know how a helmet has been treated and if it has ever been crashed. The exterior of a helmet can still look very good but if the helmet has been dropped or abused, the structurat integrity may be compromised.


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