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MOMO Fighter

MOMO Fighter

MOMO Fighter

  • Available Colors
    Matte Black
    Matte Cream
    Matte Yellow
  • Accessories
    Tinted Visor
  • Weight
  • Price: $N/A (was between $250-$300 Cdn when we reviewed them)

Fighter Helmet

The design of this jet model is inspired by the original shape of helicopter helmets. The body of the helmet has hand-crafted finishings and is attached to a heat-formed, anti-scratch bubble visor, reinforced by a carbon fiber panel.
The shell has a special environmentally-friendly matt rubberized coating, enhanced by the MOMODESIGN logo.

The MOMO Fighter has a Hypo-allergenic Dupont Terinda liner, and is DOT & ECE Certified.

Size Chart

XXS = 51 cm
XS = 53 cm
S = 55 cm
M = 57 cm
L = 59 cm
XL = 61 cm


Measuring Your Head - Place measuring tape horizontally 2.5 cm above eyebrows. Pick the helmet size that is closest to your own. For example,
if your head is 56cm select a 55cm helmet.



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