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Product MSRP Price*
GENUINE Scooter cover for Buddy or Metro  (reflective coating) $80.00 CDN
DOWCO Motorcycle Guardian (Medium - fits most 50cc) $72.00 CDN
DOWCO Motorcycle Guardian (Large - fits most 125-250cc and scooters with accessories such as cargo boxes and windshields) $72.00 CDN
DOWCO Motorcycle Guardian (Extra-Large - fits big scooters with accessories) $72.00 CDN
KYMCO Scooter Covers (various models depending on style and availability) Call

*may not be updated

Scooter Covers at Scooter Underground, Victoria, BC, Canada -

Your scooter is your baby, your trusty steed, your transportation investment. A scooter cover helps you to baby your baby.

If you are parking your scooter outdoors, a scooter cover protects it from rain, dust, scratches, vandalism, salt air, bird droppings, and the dreaded long-term effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. On really hot days, your scooter cover keeps your seat, handgrips, and other controls, from getting too hot when you have to park in the sun. And on those rare, rainy days, it sure is nice to be able to pull off the cover and hop onto a dry scooter.

Even if you are storing your scooter indoors, a scooter cover protects it from dust, moisture, scratches, and pesky cats, dogs, and kids. Remember to give your scooter a good wash before covering it up and storing it or the cover will just help to seal in and grind in the dirt.

There are different sizes and qualities of scooter covers so make sure you get one that fits your scooter. Cheaper covers, made mainly for indoor protection, are usually made of thinner materials and do not have tie downs to keep them from blowing off in the wind.

Better covers are more form-fitting, more durable, and have the ability to be secured from blowing off. Some also have thermal protection to keep hot pipes from melting the fabric allowing you to put it on when your scooter is still warm - for example if you are riding your scooter to work and covering it while it is parked.


We firmly believe that a good quality scooter cover is an essential investment for any scooter rider wanting to maximize the life and value of their scooter.

2 points of caution:

  • If parking outside with a scooter cover, do not park your scooter broadside to the wind or the scooter cover may act like a big sail and your scooter could topple over
  • Allow your exhaust pipe to cool before putting scooter cover over your scoot or you may just melt right through the fabric. (Have you ever done this with your Barbeque cover - I have?) Some of the better scooter covers have a thermally proteced fabric in the area of the exhaust. Make sure it is in the appropriate place when purchsing your scooter or motorcycle cover


Genuine Scooter Cover

Conceal and protect your Genuine scooter with a semi-custom Scooter Cover. Each cover is coated with silver urethane to reflect heat and stop UV rays from damaging your scooters paint, plastic, and rubber. The side panels are constructed with tough PVC coated nylon which protect from your Genuine scooter from daily elements.

Features & Benefits

  • Perfectly sized to fit the PGO Metro 50 or 125 (Genuine Buddy 50 or 125)
  • Fits over mirrors and rear storage boxes (zipper compartment to fit storage box).
  • Constructed with strong, overlapped, and double-needle sewn seams.
  • Neoprene elastic in the front and rear hems helps hold the cover in place.
  • Vent in deck panel to allow condensation and fumes to escape from under the cover.
  • Reinforced security grommets on each side panel for use with optional lock and cable kit.

Guardian® Scooter Cover

Guardian® Scooter Cover Scooter Covers at Scooter Underground, Victoria, BC, Canada -

Tough, lightweight, urethane coated polyester with Guardian exclusive ClimaShield® fabric protection. The DOWCO Scooter covers also feature aluminized panels for covering hot pipes, grommets for added security and a shock cord hem. Includes a lifetime limited warranty.

When we had our retail store, we sold a ton of these and never had any problems with them.

Highly recommended.

KYMCO Scooter Cover

Scooter Covers at Scooter Underground, Victoria, BC,

Shown above: KYMCO Scooter Cover




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