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Scooter Grips from Pro Grip at Scooter Underground

New grips are not simply a scooter fashion item - they are a safety item and can provide an added level of comfort by dampening road vibration. Sometimes scooters, with their small wheels, can generate quite a bit of annoying vibration to the riders hands and arms. If you are sensitive to things like tennis elbow, you will be surprised by the difference a good quality new set of grips will make to your riding comfort.

We carry many varieties to fit several different scooter brands and bar diameters. We really like the Pro Grip Scooter brand grips from Italy.

In addition to grips, we also stock some funky novelty bar ends to accessorize your ride - like little pigs, cows, skulls, and others.

Prices range from about $10-$25


Scooter Underground has a wide variety of handgrips specifically matched to fit scooter handlebars and scooter throttle controls.

Some of the new grips provide a whole new level of comfort and vibration absorbtion. There are also many chaoices of colours and many funky bar ends to personalize your scooter.


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