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Scooter Lap Apron - (Also called Scooter Skirts)

  • Corazzo Lap Apron (Scooter Skirt)
  • *Also called Scooter Apron
  • Price:
  • $130 CDN
    -Small enough to fit in to most under seat helmet buckets
    -One Size (fits 25-54 inch waist)
    - Unisex
  • *Heated Scooter Lap Apron also available

Most North Americans are unfamiliar with Scooter Aprons (also called Scooter Skirts). Not so in Europe where these are considered an essential accessory. A scooter apron can be put on in seconds over your clothing and offers great warmth, wind, and rain protection for your lower body and feet.

A good riding jacket such as a Corazzo along with a Corazzo Scooter Skirt will get you comfortably through most weather conditions. Also nice that you can quickly scrunch the thing up and stow it under your scooter seat.

Scooter aprons are great for urban commuting but for highway speeds with larger scooters, we recommend good rain gear and padded clothing as a scooter skirt can catch wind and flap around at high speeds.

One of the best scooter skirts we have found is made by Corazzo - one of our favorite scooter apparel companies.

The Corazzo Lap Apron is designed to make riding in rain and cold much more comfortable.

Constructed of a waterproof nylon and a thick fleece lining, the Corazzo Lap Apron keeps you warm and dry. Thoroughly tested in the up here on the rainy West Coast of Canada, we can attest to this apron's capabilities. We use 'em and we think you should too!

The apron is trimmed with 3M Scotchlite reflective, and has two handy cargo pockets to keep your belongings handy while you ride.

The universal lap apron secures around your waist, and has Velcro (included) to help secure the apron and keep it from flapping when you get up to speed. (Again, not really recommended for larger cc scooters and highway speeds)


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