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Scooter Tire Gauges

Every scooter rider needs a tire gauge - period. Checking for proper tire pressure is an essential part of every good rider's pre-ride check.

They are so easy to carry and so inexpensive that there is no excuse not to have at least one.

Proper tire pressure will ensure optimal performance and tire wear.

We recommend the old style ones like in the picture above. The new fancy digital ones seem to crap out all the time and rely on those pain in the ass button batteries. A good tire gauge will cost you under $15 and you are a fool to ride without one.

Tire pressure dramatically affects scooter handling, performance, and fuel economy. If you are riding a 50cc scooter, tire pressure is critical since having those little beasts with optimal tire pressure makes all the difference in the world.

The riding schools will tell you to check tire pressure before every ride. We must admit that most of us were not that anal, but for sure a couple times per week and especially where there have been temperature changes and rainy conditions.


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