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GIVI Boxes at Scooter Underground, Victoria, BC -   Click here for a short Youtube video on how to work the GIVI box latch and lock.



Givi - E30 - Tour - Black $100  
Givi - E30 - Tour - Silver $150  
Givi - E260 - Micro 2 - Black $109  
Givi - E260 - Micro 2 - Silver $170  
Givi - E280 - Boxy $170  
Givi - E350 - Flow Monolock Topcase $200  
Givi - E370 - Monolock $160  
Givi Light Kit E93 - E33 $45.99  
Givi Light Kit E84 - E450, E470 $59.99  
Givi Light Kit E99 - E260 $51.99  
Givi Light Kit E101 - E350 $49.99  

KAPPA Boxes at Scooter Underground, Victoria, BC -    
Kappa K26N (26 litre) $109  
Kappa K35N (35 litre) $129  

SHAD SH-26 TopCase (26 litre) $109  

Genuine Scooters Boxes at Scooter Underground, Victoria, BC -    

Genuine Colour keyed scooter top case -

Fits ``Buddy``or Metro - Available in Red, Black, Beige and maybe others



GIVI Cargo Boxes

KAPPA Cargo Boxes

SHAD Cargo Boxes



For the scooter commuter, one of the most desired accessories is a lockable storage box or saddle bags. GIVI is probably our most popular brand and they make great stuff that will keep your gear locked and dry. We carry many other brands from manufacturers such as GENUINE SCOOTER COMPANY, SHAD Motorcases, and KAPPA as well as many others not listed on this site yet.

We can special order almost any other box or saddle bag that you may want if we do not have  it in stock. We have the best network of suppliers in the business and we are used to dealing with cross-border and importing issues.

Givi Cargo Boxes - Scooter Underground - Victoria, BC, Canada

Cargo boxes, also known as top cases, are one of the best accessories you can buy. We are experts at figuring out how to mount a particular brand of box to your scooter since sometimes this takes a little bit of ingenuity and maybe even a custom bracket.

Come in and see all the great scooter luggage we have available and let us help you to find the scooter, box, rack, or basket that best suits your needs.

Kappa Luggage at Scooter Underground -



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