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Protective Gloves for Scooter Riders and Motorcyclists

Cortech Gloves at Scooter Underground - Your Canadian Source for Cortech and Tourmaster Products

Coroaazo Gloves at Scooter Underground - Victoria, BC, Canada -

Cortech Gloves
Corazzo Gloves

We carry all the best brands of scooter and motorcycle gloves at the best prices.

It’s just not smart to ride without gloves. Gloves are not just for warmth either - gloves should be worn year-round whenever you ride. For this reason, we recommend more than one pair. It's a great idea to keep a spare pair under the seat for your passenger.

Getting a hand down is one of your first lines of defence if you ever take a spill – with bare hands it’s just no fun at all. Not just any gloves will do - we sell gloves made for riding with padding and little do-dads in all the right places.

With our selection of gloves, you are sure to keep your hands dry in the rain, warm in the winter and protect your hands during a fall.

Cortech Gloves - Scooter Underground


We can special order any gloves we do not have in stock - ask us !


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