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Ask us about flatproofing

your current tires

New shoes for your scooter. Another safety essential that is often overlooked until its too late. We are scooter whitewall tire specialists!

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of different tread patterns and rubber compounds for scooter tires? Did you know that the best performing tires are not usually the longest lived?

Did you know there are some tires that perform a lot better in wet weather than others.

We know scooter tires. We try various brands out on our own scooters. Some tires do not work very well in our area and others are truly great. Don't just buy the first tires that you find that fit - come and talk to us and let us fit the shoes to your baby!

Michelin Scooter Tires - Scooter Underground

It's easy to sleep well if you've got got the right tires on your scooter!



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