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Check out great scooter windshield specials on our gigantic clearance page.

  • Scooter Windshields from Givi at Scooter Underground
  • Scooter Windscreens from Puig at Scooter Underground
  • We carry scooter windshields to fit most popular brands. Yamaha BWS, Honda Jazz, Honda Ruckus, Derbi,  Aprilia, KYMCO, SYM, and many more. If we do not have your particular model in stock, in most cases we can get it very quickly. In addition to major brands such a Givi and Puig, we carry many OEM models.
  • One of the most popular accessories for your ride. Great if you ride in the rain a lot.
Part# Fits Price
1651500H KYMCO Super9 $119.99
1654599H KYMCO $129.99
1654325H KYMCO $129.99
1654326H KYMCO $139.99
1650661A Puig Universal - Blue $119.99
1650661H Puig Universal - Tinted $119.99
1650661R Puig Universal - Red $119.99
64100-KEB7-E20 KYMCO Super9 Visor $20.99
076A303 Honda Ruckus 50 ( 2004-2008 at least) $159.99
076A137A ( Givi A137A ) KYMCO People S (People S50, 125, 200) $139.99
076A128 KYMCO Bet & Win Givi A135A + 128A $161.99
0700-1002 Clear SYM Mio (Fits Honda Jazz) $80.00
53270-HMA SYM RV250 Clear Shield (OEM) $215.00
ZWA-M9PC-TAN SYM Mio (Fits Honda Jazz) $100.00
53270-ALA-000 SYM Fiddle $115.99
Genuine Buddy    
WSBUD3 PGO Metro, Genuine Buddy Windscreen $109.99
AP872368 Aprilia SR50 Ditech Windshield $223.99


A properly fitted scooter windshield can provide a more comfortable ride with better air flow and face protection, more top end speed, and rain protection.

A poorly fitted windshield can actually slow your scooter down and provide handling issues in strong crosswinds.

See the article on windshields in our knowledge section.


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