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eZee Quando Electric Bicycle

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eZee Bike Quando

Power Assisted Bicycle
eZee electric bicycles - High Quality electric bicycles available at Scooter Underground _ Victoria, BC, Canada


How Far?

This bike is equipped with 37 Volt 10 Amp/hour Lithium Polymer battery which weighs 3.1 kg (with integrated Battery Management System). A properly charged battery will give the rider a range of approx. 40 km with throttle use only. The more energy YOU provide through pedaling, the greater your range will be.

Its unbeatable torque in a folding bike will make hills your friend.

How Fast?

Federal and Provincial regulations limit electric bicycles to 32 km/hr peak speeds. Our tests show around 30 km/hr which is good for a small wheeled bike. The high output torque and small wheels make it feel very quick. Please ask our experts for more information.

How Much?

MSRP: $1,995 plus fees & taxes

Who's It For?

Whether, you’re an apartment dweller, camper, boater, RV owner - this bike is a great companion. Quick, high-quality folding mechanisms and easy battery removal. Easy to put in a car trunk or stow in a boat or RV. Good things do come in small packages!

Ezee Bike Quando at Scooter Underground- Canada -



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