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eZee Bike Sprint GTS Electric Bicycle

eZee Sprint GTS at Scooter Underground - Best Source of electric bikes in Canada

eZee Bike Sprint GTS

Power Assisted Bicycle

eZee electric bicycles - High Quality electric bicycles available at Scooter Underground _ Victoria, BC, Canada


How Far?

This bike is equipped with 37 Volt 10 Amp/hour Lithium Polymer battery which weighs 3.1 kg (with integrated Battery Management System). A properly charged battery will give the rider a range of approx. 50 km with light pedaling. The more energy YOU provide through pedaling, the greater your range will be.

How Fast?

Federal and Provincial regulations limit electric bicycles to 32 km/hr peak speeds.
Please ask our experts for more information.

How Much?

MSRP: $2,295 plus fees & taxes

Who's It For?

The eZee Sprint GTS differs from the Sprint LDS in frame design (Unisex vs. the low step-through on the Sprint LDS) and also has a front disc brake. The versatile unisex design making it effortless to mount and dismount. The bike provides a plush seat for lengthy riding distances and is relatively light and maneuverable. One owner stated,”It’s comfortable, rides beautifully, and performs admirably.”



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