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(We also review and recommend folding bikes)

We looked high and low for QUALITY electric bicycles, electric bicycle components (ebike kits) and folding bicycles. What we have found are the eZee Bike power assisted bicycles.eZee electric bicycles - High Quality electric bicycles available at Scooter Underground _ Victoria, BC, Canada

The folding bikes we like and have had our hands on to evaluate are:

Bike Friday



Bike Friday folding bicycles (non-powered). Bike Friday folding bicycle information, click here. For Melon Folding bicycle information, click here.



eZee electric bicycles at Scooter Underground -


One of the best, most reliable, electric bikes in North America

eZee Bike

eZee Quando (folding ebike) $1,995
eZee LIV $1,895
eZee Chopper $2,195
eZee Sprint LDS $2,195
eZee Sprint GTS $2,295
eZee Cadence $2,395
eZee Torq $2,395
eZee Forte $2,495
eZee Forza $2,495
eZee Carro $2,695
For those who want to build their own custom electric bicycle, start with the best:


eZee kits  


We have shopped the world for high quality electric bicycles and ebike kits. Our choice is eZee Bike. They are very well engineered and use the best and most reliable battery technologies. There are many less expensive electric bicycles - we have tried many brands. The little extra you pay for eZee Bike quality is well worth it.

We will be providing information on brands such as a2b, Wisper, Sanyo eneloop, and others as we have the opportunity to thouroughly test them in Canadian conditions.

We are committed to only reviewing and recommending quality brands!



eZee Bike Electric Bicycles at Scooter Underground - Canada - Quando Folding Model

Review Notes:

We had one of our smaller staff members completely fold the eZee Quando and load it into the back of an SUV. She was able to do it single-handedly. The lift into the back of the car is a bit heavy if you leave the battery attached, but its a piece of cake if you slide the battery off and lift the bike and battery separately.


This flexibility in a lightweight, quality, power assisted bicycle is unprecedented!

This is also a fantastic bike for apartment dwellers who need a bike that they can easily get into an elevator and store conveniently on a balcony.

Electric bike (ebike) kits and electric bicycle components:

There are also a number of great electric bike kits available on the market but you have to be really careful here since there is so much junk available. We really like the people at (also Known as GRIN) when it comes to kits. They know what they are doing and they understand the needs of North American riders.

GRIN is primaraily an online electric bike component store. They also conduct R & D on electric bicycles and they live and breath ebikes. Most everything they sell has been well vetted.



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