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In all honesty, if you ask us, we will try to steer you toward a quality electric bicycle such as the Sanyo eneloop or eZeebike. These vehicles are much more versatile and have a couple of key advantages:

  • on an electric bike, you can get exercise if you want to
  • electric bikes are more welcome in the bike lanes and on bike trails
  • electric bicycles are easier to maintain since most major components are from mainstream bicycle component manufacturers
  • an electric scooter under 500 Watts must have pedals to comply with regulations that allow it to be classified as a bicycle. These pedals are next to useless to use, and removing them causes the scooter to be non-compliant with the electric bicycle laws in mast cases


There are lots of electric scooters and electric bikes coming onto the market. Problem is, 95% of them are junk .(See our rant on electric scooters and electric bikes.)

There are also a number of great electric bike kits available on the market but you have to be really careful here since there is so much junk available. We really like the people at (also Known as GRIN) when it comes to kits. They know what they are doing and they understand the needs of North American riders.

GRIN is primaraily an online electric bike component store. They also conduct R & D on electric bicycles and they live and breath ebikes. Most everything they sell has been well vetted.

At Scooter Underground we have tried many brands, battery technologies, and controllers. We are big fans of the eZee bike brand since they have a lot of engineering input from the west coast of Canada. They meet a lot of our criteria - being able to carry heavy people up hills in cold, wet weather for starters.

There were some things to like about the a2b brand by Ultra Motor but since they have hit some financial snags their future seems uncertain and there marketing and support strategy disjointed.

The Wisper brand of electric bikes look promising and we will be trying to do some long term review of those.

Most recently, the controversy over electric scooters has hit the boiling point. A large percentage of electric scooter riders have been taking the pedals off their scooter making them a completely non-conforming electric bike. At Scooter Underground, we would really like to see the Federal Government take the lead to regulate electric scooters at the point of import to Canada.

We need to encourage the true electric bicycles such as eZee bike and discourage the electric scooters which are posing as electric bikes to get through a regulatory loophole.


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Shown above: Malossi Cap, Corazzo Ladies 5.0 Armoured Jacket, Kaishan K500W Sport Electric Scooter. All from Scooter Underground




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