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Bike Friday started with a simple plan to build a better tomorrow by offering individual solutions for transportation, personal oil independence and health.

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A little history about Bike Friday:

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Check out the eZee Bike Quando folding electric bike which is a superb commuter bike for people where bike storage at either end of their commute is a problem.

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  • DO YOU KNOW that a bicycle is one of mankind's most efficient machines?
  • A bicycle will do an equivalent of 1560 passenger miles per gallon; that is,
    3.3 times better than walking at 470 passenger miles per gallon,
    7 times better than an intercity bus at 225 passenger miles per gallon,
    10 times better than the subway at 150 passenger miles per gallon,
    15 times better than a local bus at 105 passenger miles per gallon,
    43 times better than a 747 at 36 passenger miles per gallon,
    156 times better than an ocean liner at 10 passenger miles per gallon.

(Data from Appendix N energy requirements for passenger and freight transportation. "Energy an Introduction to Physics" Robert H Romer 1976 ISBN 0-7167-0357-2)A bike is an amplifier of human ability to travel on a road. A bike will enable you to go about 3 times further than you would have if you had walked. I know of no other machine that makes humans so much more efficient. You, Bike Friday, are at the cutting edge of efficient transportation.



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