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CPI GTR Scooter

CPI GTR (2 stroke)


How Far?

With a fuel capacity of approx. 8 litres and an estimate 40 km/l, the estimated range of this scooter is about 320 km on a tank of gas. (Varies with riding habits - the CPI GTR is a high performance scooter that likes to be driven at the higher end of the rev range)

How Fast?

Let's just put it this way, this is reputed to be the fastest 50 cc scooter out there. The way it is geared, it sacrifices a bit at the low end in exchange for high end speed. It's really quite unbelievable what the engineers were able to get out of this 50 cc liquid cooled 2 stroke engine.

How Much?

MSRP: Call for pricing and availability

Who's It For?

This is the scooter for those that like sport bikes. Very comfortable motorcycle styling but no gears to change and remarkable fuel economy. Very light and maneuverable - a real thrill to ride. Meant for the rider who appreciates sport bike type handling and rides  more in the high rpm zone. NOT for those who like to sit upright and putt along.




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