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KYMCO Frost 200i Fuel Injected Gas Scooter

KYMCO Frost 200i at Scooter Underground in Victoria, BC, Canada -

KYMCO Frost 200i

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Detailed Specifications

  • White
    Metallic Grey
  • Price: $4,700

**known in other countries as the KYMCO Dink)
Why did they change the name for Canada ?

How Far?

At this point, we have not conducted any of our own real world tests with the KYMCO Frost 200i. The fuel capacity is a generous 11 litres and this is a fuel injected scooter so we're pretty sure the range will be around 300 km per fill-up. (Range varies with factors such as weight, speed, terrain, temperature, driving habits, and how well you maintain your scooter.)

How Fast?

We haven't had the opportunity to do our speed tests either but we're told this is a spritely little bugger with good zip.

How Much?

MSRP: $4,700 plus taxes and fees

Who's It For?

The KYMCO Frost 200i is for someone who likes a quality, modern looking scooter with all the latest technologies such as liquid cooling and fuel injection. Very economical to operate and insure yet still capable of highway speeds for those longer commutes or weekend jaunts. The cool little backrest is a great comfort feature if you are carrying a passenger on this scooter.

The bit below is the stuff straight from KYMCO:

The KYMCO Frost 200i offers more unique style and luxury without sacrificing on practicality or performance! Whether you're on busy downtown streets or long stretches of highway, this fuel injected model boasts front and rear disk brakes, an LED digital instrument cluster, factory windscreen, and two passenger seating all in a step through, avant-garde design. The ergonomically positioned handlebars make this work of art a sheer pleasure to ride.

Additional Features: Modern colour schemes, passenger backrest with rear storage rack and integrated passenger grips, center hook, illuminated under seat storage, digital instrument cluster, windscreen, folding aluminum passenger pegs, adjustable rear shocks, sturdy center stand, spring assisted side stand, fuel injection



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