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KYMCO People 125 - 125cc Gas Scooter

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KYMCO People 125

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Detailed Specifications

  • Available Colors

    Metallic Silver
    White (gorgeous!)
  • Approx MSRP: $3,600

How Far?

The fuel tank is approx. 7 litres and you should get around 35 km/l. That means a range of 240-250 kilometers. (Varies with riding habits, weight, terrain, and even temperature).
Some riders find that their fuel economy on a 125cc scooter is not much different than on a 50cc scooter because they are often riding the 50cc with the throttle wide open most of the time whereas the 125cc scooter is driven more in the mid range.

How Fast?

Great, smooth, acceleration and speeds of 110 kph allow you to keep up to highway speeds and give you good power on the hills.

How Much?

MSRP: $3,600 plus taxes and fees

Who's It For?

This might be the perfect all-rounder. Requires a motorcycle license but we encourage everyone to get one anyway and take a motorcycle safety and training course. This is a great scooter for those wanting to move up from a 50cc scooter to allow them to keep up to traffic on the faster urban commutes or the longer range ones with more hills. (Or you're a bit "big boned" and a 50 cc just doesn't quite cut it.)

The People S 125 is one of the most popular models in the KYMCO scooter line. The adjustable rear suspension and 16" aluminum wheels provide comfort, stability and security for new and experienced riders alike. Fold away foot pegs and a soft, contoured seat are ideal for passenger riding.

We really like the ride that big-wheeled scooters provide, especially if the roads you ride on are a bit bumpy. If you look at the places in Europe with Cobblestone streets, almost everyone rides a big-wheeled scooter.



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