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KYMCO - Sento 4T - 4 Stroke Gas Scooter

Vitality Sento 4T
(4 stroke) 50cc Scooter

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How Far?

This KYMCO Sento 50 cc scooter has a tank of approx. 5 litres and gets about 35 km/l. That makes the range per tank around 175 km. (Varies with your weight, route, driving habits, and how well you maintain your scooter.)

How Fast?

The KYMCO Sento 50 4 stroke can hold its own with most 4 strokes. Our speed test show about 60 km/hr. Known more for its quality and retro good looks that its straight line speed.

How Much?

MSRP: $2,600 plus taxes and fees

Who's It For?

The KYMCO Sento 50 is an environmentally friendly alternative to getting around a congested city. This retro styled, small framed scooter is the perfect companion for running all of your errands. It features a 5 in 1 security ignition system, an analogue speedometer with fuel indicator, a wire control fuel cap system, under seat storage, as well as foldable rear foot pegs if you're bringing a friend along for the ride.

If you are looking at a Honda Jazz, this scooter should also be on your list.



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