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KYMCO Super9 AC - 50 cc Air Cooled Gas Scooter

KYMCO Super9 AC - Scooter Underground

KYMCO Super9 AC (2 stroke)

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How Far?

The KYMCO Super9 scooter has a tank of approx. 7 litres and gets about 35 km/l. That makes the range per tank around 245 km. (Varies with riding habits, weight, terrain, and even temperrature)

How Fast?

The KYMCO Super 9 is known as the fastest 50 cc scooter straight from the factory. Top speed are about 80 km/hr compared to about 60 km/hr for most 50 cc 4 strokes. Also makes it a good scoot for doubling since it’s got a bit of extra zip. (5.09 hp compared to around 4 hp of most 50 cc 4 strokes)

How Much?

MSRP: $3,000 plus taxes and fees

Who's It For?

Very popular worldwide - gaining legendary status in scooter circles. This is a sporty scooter vs. retro-styled vs. Euro styled.

The Super 9 turns heads, there's no denying that - and with a new vibrant colour pallet and graphics package you will be attracting all kinds of attention! Sports tires for confident riding, large front disk brakes for unmatched stopping power as well as a high stance and low centre of gravity create a sport bike feel and offer great handling capabilities (including cornering at more than 45 degrees).

Probably our favorite 50cc scooter of all time was the KYMCO Super 9 Liquid Cooled. They stooped importing these to North America because apparently they just missed California emission standards or something like that. In its place, they sent the Super 9 AC which apparently meets all those standards. This is a great scoot too - just lacks the rear disc that its predecessor had.



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