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KYMCO Venox 250 Motorcycle - Commuter Motorcycle

KYMCO Venox 250 Motorcycle - Scooter Underground

KYMCO Venox 250



The Scoop

The Venox is the only motorcycle that KYMCO imports to Canada and it is one of the best bang for the buck motorcycles out there. Compare it to the competitors!

This 250 looks more like a 750 and the shorty exhaust makes it sound like one too.

Along with KYMCO, we sent one of these bikes to the Vancouver Island Safety Council Rider Safety Training School - the feedback was fantastic to say the least. Overall handling, performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance made this one of the best 250's they had ever tested.

Commuter motorcycles are making a big comeback and this one is at the forefront!

How Far?

With an estimated 26 km/l and a 14 litre tank, you should be able to get 300-350 km per tank depending on your weight and driving conditions. (Varies with your weight, terrian, and riding habits)

How Fast?

Estimated top speed of 130 km/hr will allow you to easily commute on highways and have no problem keeping up to the speed limits. Good and spunky acceleration.

How Much?

MSRP: $5,000 plus taxes and fees

Who's It For?

Everyone who rides one of these just loves it! Since we see ourselves as more of a scooter shop than a motorcycle store, we are bringing these in in limited supply and pricing them at a great deal.
We dare you to compare this to the other 250’s out there - we know which one the smart money will buy :)

KYMCO has engineered a lightweight motorcycle with a low center of gravity for a perfectly balanced ride. A 90 degree V-twin motor produces 28hp and revs up to 12000 rpm for great acceleration and comfortable cruising speeds, while the liquid cooling system ensures consistent running temperatures for better fuel mileage and added reliability.

We have been working with the Vancouver Island Safety Council. They have had a couple of Venox bikes and they have given rave reviews. When riders have a choice of the many 250cc bikes they offer from all the major manufacturers, the KYMCO Venox 250 is the most popular bike. The reason is that it looks like a 750 or something much bigger yet is economical to drive and insure.

This is the only motorcycle we sell at the Scooter Underground and it does make a terrific urban commuter. (It is also the only machine we sell where you have to change gears - did you know that all scooters sold in Canada are automatics?)



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