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KYMCO xCiting 500 Ri Fuel Injected Maxi Scooter

KYMCO xCiting 500 Ri

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You have just got to come into the shop and see this impressive maxi-scooter. Unbelievably well thought out and quality from tip to tail. In the European TAG (Twist N' Go) Magazine, the KYMCO xCiting 500 Ri was rated higher than other maxi-scooter including well known names like the Honda Silver Wing and Suzuki Burgman.

How Far?

With a 13 litre fuel tank and an estimated fuel consumption of around 17 km/l, you should have a range of about 225 km per tank. (Varies with riding habits, weight, temperature, and terrain)

How Fast?

Estimated top speed is 152 kph. We haven't had a chance to do our own real world tests yet. Where are we going to do this? For a scooter, it's screamin' fast with great, smooth acceleration.

How Much?

MSRP: $7,000 plus taxes and fees

Who's It For?

You want to treat yourself to the ultimate urban commuter - this is it. Great for longer rides in the lap of luxury. If your commutes are quite long and involve highway speeds for long runs, its hard to do any better than this maxi-scooter.

We think the cops should be using these!



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