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PGO Metro 50 "Buddy Scooter" 50cc Gas Scooter

Genuine Buddy - PGO Metro 50 Scooter at Scooter Underground - Victoria, BC, Canada -

PGO Scooters at Scooter Underground in Victoria, BC, Canada - Best Scooters, Best Prices

PGO Metro 50 (2 stroke)

"Genuine Buddy Scooter"

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Detailed Specifications

  • Available Colors

    Retro Red
    Retro Beige
    Pink (Wow!)
  • Approx MSRP:

  • $2,795

How Far?

This scoot has a tank of 6.7 litres and gets about 35 km/l. That makes the range per tank around 235 km (Varies with riding habits, terrain, loads, and weather conditions.)

How Fast?

The PGO Metro “Buddy” 50 can attain speeds of 65-70 km/hr and , being a 2 stroke, is a peppy urban commuter.

How Much?

MSRP: $2,795 plus taxes and fees

Who's It For?

This scooter is sold in the USA as the Genuine “Buddy”. It has become one of the most popular scooters in the USA and it’s easy to see why - great retro styling and terrific build quality and reliability.

There are plenty of great accessories to personalize these scooters. We have optional tan or white seats, chrome front rack, chrome rear rack, baskets, chrome rails and footpegs, and many other accessories. Make your "Buddy" a personal statement.

The "Buddy Scooter" also has a fairly low seat height compared to some other scooters which often makes it the ideal ride for shorter scooterists.

One of our best selling scooters when we had a retail store and customers who buy 'em love 'em.

Make sure you have a good PGO delaer in your area and check out parts availability. (There are lots of parts available via the USA network too)

PGO Scooters at Scooter Underground in Victoria, BC, Canada - Best Scooters, Best Prices



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