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SYM Fiddle II 50

SYM Fiddle II 50 - looks  like Vespa LX 50 - Scooter Underground - Victoria, BC, Canada

SYM Fiddle II 50

Detailed Specifications

  • Available Colors:
    red, white, green
  • MSRP Price: $2,595

How Far?

This scoot has a tank of approx. 5.2 liters and uses 50 km/l. That makes the range per tank around 250 km -- cheap, cheap, cheap to run! (Varies with riding habits, loads, and riding conditions.)

How Fast?

With a top speed of 65 kph , the SYM FIDDLE II 50 will move you along nicely for daily commutes in urban areas

How Much?

MSRP: $2,595 plus taxes and fees

Who's It For?

Looks a lot like a Vespa - doesn't it. It's the SYM Fiddle II. Great retro styling and the fantastic build quality that SYM is know for. Priced at $2,595 for the Fiddle II 50cc model and $3,599 for the Fiddle II 125cc model, these are sure to be hot sellers.

The styling is a great Unisex design that will be a good fit for a wide range of riders.

Simliar to the Vespa LX series of scooters but with telescopic front forks for a better riding experience.

Built by for the Taiwanese market and partner to Honda, Sang Yang definitely knows how to build a scooter.

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