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SYM Fiddle II 125

SYM Fiddle II 125

Detailed Specifications

  • Available Colours:

  • Approx MSRP : $3,695
Available Colours:

How Far?

This SYM Fiddle II has a tank of approx. 5.4 liters and uses 59 km/l at 40kph. That makes the range per tank around 225 km (Varies with your size, routes, and scooter riding habits).

How Fast?

With a top speed of +95 kph and 6.2 lb/ft of torque, the SYM FIDDLE II 125 will not disappoint when negotiating city streets or cruising country lanes. Its speed and power give you the confidence you’ll appreciate.

How Much?

MSRP: $3,695 plus taxes and fees

Who's It For?

The SYM Fiddle II scooter might just be what your looking for. Simliar to the Vespa LX series of scooters but with telescopic front forks for a better riding experience.

The SYM Fiddle is a Vespa-like style at a value price. Unlike a lot of the rest of the SYM line, there was a lot of Chinese content on this scooter and we believe that the Fiddles were assembled in China.

When we sold 'em, they were not up to the quality standards of the Taiwanese produced SYM product.

The SYM distribution and delaer network has gone through some turmoil in Canada so make sure you check out their current state of affairs before you invest in SYM product. Make sure there is a dealer who can provide parts and service in a timely manner.



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