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SYM RV 250

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SYM RV 250

SYM Scooters at Scooter Underground

Detailed Specifications

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  • Available Colors:
  • Blue/ Red/ Silver

    Approx MSRP: $5,695

Available Colours for SYM RV 250

How Far?

This SYM RV 250 scooter has a tank of approx. 12 litres and gets about 100 km/5L. That makes the range per tank around 240 km. (Varies with driving habits, terrain, teperature, weight, etc.)

How Fast?

With a top speed of up to 135 km/h, the RV is a scooter that most conventional motorcyclists can’t help but be impressed.

How Much?

Approx MSRP: $5,695 plus taxes and fees

Who's It For?

This was one of the more popular large scooters at Scooter Underground when we had our retail store - a test ride is sure to show you why. The feedback from our SYM RV 250 customers was excellent.

As of 2014, the support network for the SYM brand in Canada is pretty shakey which is a shame because they have some great products.

Make sure you check out the dealer and aslo ask about availability of parts and service before you buy one of these. If those essentials are in place, the SYM RV 250 is a great ride.

Looking for a stylish scooter that zips through traffic and packs a punch on the road? Don't look any further because elegant and attractive styling, absolute comfort and great performance is what you get when you choose the SYM RV 250.

Designed for work or fun, the RV 250 provides an exceptional handling in urban areas and a confortable long-distance performance between city and countryside

And besides, after all of his research, this is the scooter Buck chose.

SYM Scooters at Scooter Underground




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