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Scooter Underground is now an online only information and resource centre for scooter enthusiasts.

We will be compiling a list of recommended scooter service shops at locations across Canada. If you have a scooter service shop that you would like listed - please email us your suggestions. This site will become the ultimate resource for Canadian scooter enthusiasts.


Recommended Scooter Service:

British Columbia

Salt Spring Island, BC  




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Toronto, ON


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Glenn D. Godfrey and Company, LLP

Cannect Learn more


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Note to Scooter Service Shops

If you want to have your scooter service shop listed on this site, send us an email.

We will check you out, look at your references, and if we are comfortable sending people in your direction, we will post your link in our site. Our initial focus is to highlight the scooter service facilities in Canada. We will soon be developing the siter as well which will focus on a global audience.

Scooter Service at Scooter Underground - We service most makes of quality scooters and electric bikes -

What you will find on these pages over the next little while is information required to assist with scooter service and scooter repair, and links to people and places who we think are capable of doing these repairs.

We will still source and sell performance parts and accessories, but we will affiliate ourselves with people who we know can help you with the installation of parts and accessories and keep your scooter in prime running condition. Whether you ride, Honda Scooter, Yamaha Scooter, Vespa, Piaggio, Derbi, Aprilia, KYMCO, SYM, Peugeot, PGO, CPI, Stella, Genuine scooter...we will try to keep you informed of the top service places and what they specialize in.

If you have been in an accident with your scooter, this site will also try to provide you with the best information to get timely repairs done through your local insurance provider and authorized repair shop in your area.

A few scooter service observations:

Some things we've recently noticed:

  • Scooter riders tend to put off maintenance
  • Scooter riders hate costly repairs
  • Scooter riders want their scooter to be dependable
  • Scooter riders prefer repairs to be covered under warranty

...So, follow the damn maintenance schedule for your scooter and you will be a happy camper!

It's better to err on the side of conservatism. If you do not ride your scooter for lengthy periods, it's a good idea to bring it in for service at least annually to get everything checked.


Scooter performance upgrades
  • Big-bore kits
  • Carburetor enhancements
  • Clutch springs and rollers
  • Scooter performance exhausts


Want your scooter to be the trusty, reliable, steed you first bought? If so, you must get regular service work performed by people who know what they are doing. (Key Point)

Scooters are unique little beasts – people who service scooters understand that. Some motorcycle and power product shops get the rookie to work on the little stuff (scooters and the like). It's best to find someone who is not working on chains saws, generators, and lawn mowers and just using scooter servicing to fill up their day. Scooters techs understand all the little nuances of gas scooters. They know about scooter performance parts, what works and what doesn't, and they've tried all sorts of experiments on their own scoots. Whether it’s a 500cc fuel injected gas scooter or a 50cc vintage Honda Cub, a scooter expert must know how to fix it, maintain it, and enhance its performance.


Scooter Underground has spent years establishing relationships with the best parts suppliers and service facilities in the business.


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